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Privacy policy

Welcome to the website This website serves as a sort of “online guide” that tries to help people when they want to delete an account on a computer or their mobile device. By using the website, you expressly agree to the following terms and conditions.

Links to third parties is not responsible for links or ads to websites that are held by third parties. Indeed, has no control over the mentioned websites and accepts no responsibility regarding the content. The inclusion of links to third party websites, does not necessarily mean that we approve the content that is diplayed on this website, nor does it necessarily imply that there is a direct cooperation between us and the owners of the respective websites. These third parties may place cookies on your browser and read and use web beacons as a result of ad serving on your website information.

Cookie Policy
While you visit the website, it is possible that cookies are placed on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies are important to match the ads displayed on your needs now and for our own statistics. We take a look at our statistics to find out to which articles are in demand. By doing this through our statistics, we don’t need to bother you with annoying surveys and user experience questions. Cookies can not be used to intercept private data such as passwords from your computer or cause a virus or trojan on your computer. Actually almost any site uses cookies.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is guaranteed on this website. All information on this website is available and free for the entire public. We will never ask for personal information or use it for direct marketing purposes.

Intellectual Property and Copyright
Information on this website or any other form of intellectual property belongs to and as such Siteseaing VOF . The information provided, pictures and text, may not be copied to any website or other form of publication. Without express written permission it is possible that Siteseaing uses screenshots of a website or application by a third party. We do this to clearly explain visitors where they need to click on and demonstrate what actions need to be taken on the particular website. Are you a manager or employee of a website or application shown on this website and do you want to see any picture removed? Then a simple request of removal by e-mail to info(at) is everything that’s needed and we will remove the screenshot.

Limitation of Liability is an initiative of Siteseaing VOF in Belgium. Siteseaing has created this website and content with great care and we are doing our best to show the information free, up-to-date and in a correct manner. Siteseaing creates the content of this website to its best, but nevertheless it is possible that there are inaccuracies or errors in the information displayed. If there are some inaccuracies on the site, then Siteseaing will do its best to correct it. In such a case, please contact us at info(at)

However, the information may not be seen by the user as being professional or legal advice. For decisions with a financial character or decisions that might have a financial, medical, legal or any other impact or consequences, we refer to professionals or experts in that domain for advice. Contributors of this website can never be held responsible in any way for the advice provided by this website. We only want to share our experiences and expertise and advise as good as we can, but we can never guarantee that the information displayed is (still) correct.

If you have a complaint about this website, you must provide it at info(at) When sending us an e-mail, you should send your full name and address and a clear description of your complaint and the reason for complaint. Complaints are responded within 10 working days.

Last update: 15/04/2015

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