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How to delete my Gigats account?

Gigats is a toolbox to find a new job. But if you have an account on their website and you found a job in meanwhile, you’ll be looking for a solution to close your account. We’re here to help and facilitate that process for you. All it takes is 1 simple email to their privacy team.

I’ll show you below what this email could look like and what you need to mention in it:

 1  Open your email account and send a mail to (just as I did)

I found this email address in the privacy policy of their website. All you need to do is ask them to close your account and send them your email address.

Your e-mail could be looking like this:


Subject: Request to remove my account


Dear Gigats privacy team,

I would like to delete my account because I’ve found a job in meanwhile, but I can’t find the option to do this in the Account settings. Can you please delete my account or explain me what I need to do?

My username: [your email address]

Kind regards,
[your name]

delete gigats account 1

 ✅  Result

A few hours afterwards, I received a very kind email from their Helpdesk team in which they confirmed that my account could be removed.

All I needed to do was reply on their email (for security reasons of course) and confirm that I wanted to remove my account permanently.

delete gigats account 2

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