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How to delete a Spore account?

If you want to delete your account on, a space simulation game, you’ll see in this manual that you can only do that by contacting the customer support team.

It’s very important to know, as you’ll see in the reaction of the customer service support at the end, that they need to delete the whole Origin account if you want to remove your account. 

The EA customer service team is one of the best customer service teams I’ve encountered during my quest for several account removals, so you don’t need to be afraid to ask them to close your account if you want to. I’ll show you some pictures on which steps you need to follow to request an account removal:

 1  Go to

 2  Choose your platform (e.g. PC) => Next

delete spore account 2

 3  Select Manage my account > Delete account > Request to remove a account


delete spore account 3

 4  Sign in to your account (or sign up to one if you don’t yet have one)

 5  Choose if you want to chat or call with the customer service

In this example we choose the chat option

delete spore account 5

 6  Ask the Spore support to remove your account

They will react very professional to it and won’t make any problem of it.

As you can see, they’ll tell you that it’s possible to delete your Spore account, but that it takes a complete account removal of your Origin account to close it. They cannot only remove your game account.

delete spore account 6

 7  Provide them your email address and the game register key/code


Of course they will also run a security check on you to check if you’re really the owner of the account.

delete spore account 7

 V  Result

If you have provided them all the correct details, the customer service agent will confirm that he/she will go ahead and start working on your removal request now.

In my case I received an email that the account was removed the same day  by the EA accounts team, so it won’t take too long.



*Source (& thanks to): & the fantastic customer service of

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