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A warm welcome to!

Thanks to this website you’ll win a lot of time when you want to remove an account. Because let’s be honest: how much time did you already waste looking for a solution to close a certain account?

Well,that’s exactly the reason why we created


We wanted to create a central platform that helps you to close most of your online accounts. By online accounts we mean accounts varying from social (facebook,twitter) to dating (pof.zoosk,badoo). We tried to cover the big,but also some small and less known sites.


Our mission a few months ago was to create a guide that even a child would understand

We believe that we’re the only website that combines text WITH screenshots in an easy step-by-step guide. Knowing that an image says more than 1.000 words,we prefer to let our articles speak for themselves.


Our mission a few months ago was to create a guide that even a child would understand.

But even more than that this website was created with the idea that each account should be deleted again as easy as it was to create it. If we’re able to contribute to that idea,we believe that we contributed in making you life easier. Because that’s what this really is about.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    I tried what to delete my account like it says on your website and it doesn’t delete the account ( Instead I got the runaround and this same reply three times today:

    Hi A,

    We are currently experiencing high service volumes at the moment. If you do not find the answer to your inquiry below, please reply directly to this email. Please also utilize our FAQ page ( ) for additional information that may assist you..

    Q. I am in a permitted jurisdiction, however, my account is showing as restricted?

    A. We recently updated our geographic location authentication systems. IMPORTANT: When you receive the request to allow your location, YOU MUST SELECT “ALLOW”. If you disallow this permission, you will not be able to use the website. For additional information on how to troubleshoot any potential issues you may encounter please visit

    Q. How does the deposit bonus work? I deposited money but the funds were not matched?

    A. You can track your deposit bonus by going to the “My Account” page and look for the “Pending Bonus” section in the middle of the page. The deposit bonus releases in increments of $1 for every 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP’s) you earn. FPP’s are earned when joining any paid contest on the site. You cannot directly access your deposit bonus to enter contests. You must release it $1.00 at a time by participating in our contests.This deposit bonus is a rewards based program which encourages our users to participate frequently in our contests.

    Q. I referred a friend to the site, however, I did not receive the bonus?

    A. In most cases, new users fail to register through the referring user’s unique RAF link, thus causing both users not to receive credit upon the initial deposit. Please provide your username and the username(s) of the referrals in question. We will investigate the issue and apply credits accordingly.

    Q. How do withdrawals work? How do I get my money?

    A. All winnings are credited to your DraftKing’s Account. You can then use them to enter contests again or withdraw them. Any withdrawal requests, after approved by DraftKings, will be credited back to the same credit card or method of payment (PayPal, Gift Card) used to deposit funds on the Website dating back 3-months in chronological order. We ask that all of our users notify us prior to requesting their withdrawal of any deposit sources that are lost, stolen or closed. That way, we can go ahead and ban those deposit sources from our database, and they will no longer be refunded in future withdrawals.

    Again, please respond directly to this email if your inquiry was not addressed and one of our Customer Experience Associates will follow up as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for playing on DraftKings!

    Customer Experience Team Leader

    1. Hello A,

      That’s correct, I received the same message as you did, but all you need to do in that case is reply to their email about high email volume: “No the answer I was looking for is not in the FAQ list you’ve sent. I’m still wondering how I can remove my account..” => You just need to let them know that the answer is not in the FAQ the email you.

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